Executive Committee :


   Melonie Dixon



 Alexandria Anderson


Jesslyn Jamison

Architectural Control Committee

Dr. Exalton Delco

Rev. Freddie Dixon

ANC - Representative

Alexandria Anderson 

Melonie Dixon

The Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association (MLKNA) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization for residents to maintain, protect and continue to improve the residential neighborhood within our boundaries.  

The association will primarily address issues of encroachment, planning, growth and environmental concerns within or near to our boundaries.

We unite to face issues which threaten the neighborhood or are of concern to more than one of our neighbors.


Our purpose is additionally to maintain, enhance and support the quality of life for all residents within or near our boundaries; to enhance our residential influence on governmental and other bodies or persons in matters of mutual interests; to address matters of common interest to neighborhood residents and other persons or groups having mutual concerns.