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Executive Committee :


Melonie Dixon


Alexandria Anderson

Architectural Control Committee

Dr. Exalton Delco

Rev. Freddie Dixon

Austin Neighborhood Council 


Andrew Bucknall



Adopted July 3, 1995

Article I.



The name of this organization shall be the Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association, a non-profit organization, hereafter referred to as the Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association.


Article II



The boundaries of the MLKNA are MLK Blvd. on the North, Springadale rd. on the East, East 12th street on the south, and Airport Blvd. on the West.  Boundaries may be extended by expressed neighboring request and the MLKNA membership vote of approval at a scheduled or called meeting.


Article III



Section A- The primary purpose of the MLKNA is to maintain, protect and continue to improve the residential neighborhood within our boundaries.  The association will primarily address issues of encroachment, planning, growth and environmental concerns within and areas that surround boundaries or threaten the neighborhood or  concern to more than one of our neighbors.


Section B- Our purpose is to maintain, enhance and support the quality of life for all residents within or near our boundaries; to enhance our residential influence on governmental and other bodies or persons in matters of mutual interests; to address natters of common interest to neighborhood residents and other persons or groups having mutual concerns.


Article IV



Section A.1. Eligibility: The association is to be a representative body of the area within its boundaries.


Section A.2.  All neighborhood based residents and/or properties owners are eligible for membership by paying membership fees or dues as approved by the association.  The association is charged to represent all residents within the area, whether residents, are fees/dues paying members or not; unless the majority vote in a regular or called meeting to otherwise


Section B1.  Associate membership will be open to any other residents or property owner/s outside our boundaries provided that there is a two thirds vote of the membership present at regular or called meeting indicating their approval.  Fees/dues are the same as the regular member fees/dues


Section B.2.  Associate members are not eligible for and will not hold an executive office in the association, ie president, secretary, treasurer, and committee chair but are eligible to vote.


Section B.3.  All resignations from the association shall be submitted in writing to the association 


Article V



Section A- The association shall meet the first Monday of the month at 7:00 pm at St James Episcopal Church.  A minimum of five (5) members shall constitute a quorum.  


Section B- The executive committee shall prepare an agenda for the regular meetings.  Any issue not on the agenda may be discussed at a regular meeting with approval of two thirds majority of all present.


Section C- Special meetings shall be called by the president with personal notification of the Executive Committee


Section D- Any decision of the executive committee shall be binding upon approval by a majority, unless otherwise indicated.


Article VI



Section A- The officers and their duties shall be as follows:

1.      President

  A.     Call regular/special meetings and preside at all meetings

  B.     Appoint all committees

  C.     Co-Sign all financial transactions

  D.     Be an ex-officio member of all committees

  E.      Vote only during tie votes

  F.      In case of emergencies make decisions on behalf of the association

  G.     Carry out any other function as set out in the constitution.

2.      Vice-President

        In the absence of the President, assume all duties and act as president.

3.      Secretary

  A.     Keep minutes of meetings

  B.     Prepare communications

  C.     Carry out any function set out in the constitution in the absence of president and vice president

4. Assistant Secretary

         To act in place of the secretary when the secretary is not present

5.      Financial Secretary

       To keep written record of all monies collected and spent by the association and the purpose of the expenditure.

6.      Treasurer

A.     Keep accurate records of all money received and disbursements made and report financial status at each regular meeting.

B.     Keep membership informed about budget allocation and expenditures of the association.


Section B- The Officers shall constitute the executive committee.


Section C- Any resignation form an officer shall be submitted in writing to the association.  Any vacancy occurring in a n office shall be filled by election at the next meeting after resignation is received by the association.


Section D- All officers shall serve for two (2) year terms form January first of the first year to December 31st of the second year. During the designated meeting of the second year, nominations for officer will be held by the executive committee.  To be eligible for office the, the nominee shall give the secretary of the association a written resume within one week of the nomination.  The secretary shall mail all resumes to executive members no latter than February.  Election shall be held during the March meeting and the officers shall be installed during the April Meeting.


Article VII.



Section A- The Association shall administer any monies received as gifts or donations. It may solicit donations of money and materials to promote the purposes of the organization.


Section B- Member fees will be $10.00 annually.  The fiscal year shall be June 1 to May31


Section C- Associate member fees will be the same as regular member fees.


Section D-  Dues will not be assessed until membership approves.


Section E- Donations may be taken at any meeting.  Funds will be utilized to pay for copying, envelopes, stamps, and other supplies as may be needed to conduct association business.


Article VIII.



Section A- The Association may host at least one (1) neighborhood social activity each year.  Details and supporting expenses for this activity will be determined by the membership at a regular or called meeting.


Section B-  Guests and invitations will be decided at the planning activity meeting and notice may be given to the mayor, council members, the director of parks and recreation and other elected officials.


Article IX.



Section A- It is the will of the membership that the association will not as an association endorse, support, host gatherings, raise funds or otherwise support any political candidate/s.


Section B- Nothing in this article prohibits the association from extending, invitations to or receiving invitations form candidates to address the association members, appear at activities as a guest of members or using association member’s personal and individual names in endorsements, as campaign workers, displaying of yard signs /bumper stickers or appear in pubic with candidates.

Section C- Nothing in this article prohibits an association officer and/or member form being a candidate for public office if he/she desires while working for/with the association. That person will not have to resign from office or association membership unless he/she desire to resign or unless it is determined by a majority vote that it is in the best interest of the association that the person resign/be removed from office.


Article X

Miscellaneous Provisions


Section A: Upon Two-thirds vote of the full members present, Robert’s Rules of Order may be adopted to govern a meeting provided they  re not inconsistent with the rules of the Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association Constitution.


Section B- Under no circumstances will the association property: ie letterheads, flyers, stamps or identifiers, etc, be used by and or displayed by any person/s group/s or element unauthorized to use within or outside the associations executive committee unless approval has been granted by memberships at a meeting.


Article XI.



Amendment to this constitution may be made by a two-thirds majority vote of members present at a regular meeting provided the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing to the secretary and circulated to all members at least fifteen (15) days in advance.

-Adopted July 3, 1995

By The Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association-