12th and Chicon Mural

Artist Preserves historical site 

Photos by Alexandria Anderson


Original artist of mural site, Chris Rogers, was commissioned to restore historical mural on 12th and Chicon after previous mural was painted over. He received an overwhelming amount of community support to paint another mural. During an interview, he stated "I was inspired by artists in the original mural such as Michael Jackson andJames Brown. However, I wanted to add more female figures for a more feminine vibe and local East Austin figures to show them love." Chris Roger's overall desire was to bring back some of the culture that has been lost because of gentrification. 

Walnut Creek Greenbelt Master Plan Initiative Update
Photos by Alexandria Anderson

The Walnut Creek Greenbelt Initiative team's hard work is definitely paying off. After several months of getting grants, raising money, having several community outreach meetings/surveys, they are now in the process of having Asakura Robinson draw up the master plan. Asakura Robinson is a Texas firm located in Austin and Houston. Another project the firm is executing here in Austin is the master plan for the Community Garden at Zilker Park.  Please be on the lookout this late summer for another community outreach meeting. The team will be receiving the mater plan from the firm and this will be the final opportunity to give input on what the neighbors/neighborhoods will like to see in the park. Keep update to date with the latest information by liking their facebook page - Friends of Little Walnut Creek Greenbelt.